Fair Employment Week: October 24-28, 2011

September 26, 2011

Dear fellow Adjuncts,

As you may have read in the September issue of QUFA Voices, Fair Employment Week (FEW) is a national event taking place October 24 to 28, 2011. FEW draws attention to the work done by contract academic staff and the challenges we face.

While the number of adjuncts at Queen's has gone down in recent years due to budget cuts, we still teach nearly 30% of all courses. In the round of bargaining just completed, adjuncts were particularly targeted with attempts to decrease any job security we have, and an increase of our workload for the same pay.

In these difficult financial times, we need to make our voices heard! Please join us in organising one or two events for FEW at Queen's.

This is not an onerous task - your creativity and a few of your time are all that is required. Come meet fellow adjuncts in the process!

Please get in touch by Friday, 30 September directly to:

Monika Holzschuh Sator, Continuing Adjunct Representative of the QUFA Executive Committee (monika.holzschuh.sator@qufa.ca)


Richard Linley, Term Adjunct Representative of the QUFA Executive Committee (richard.linley@qufa.ca.)