Queen's Employees and our Pension Future

June 6, 2011

Dear QUFA Members,

Please find attached a short communication titled "Queen's employees and our pension future". This is a joint-bulletin from four organizations, QUFA, CUPE, QUSA and USW, which represent a significant proportion of Queen's employees. Last week saw a significant turn of events with regard to the Administration's approach to the restructuring of the Queen's Pension Plan.

In Bargaining Alert 11, QUFA's Chief Negotiator Allan Manson observed that "The big question remains whether the Administration will bring the pension to our bargaining table. QUFA has made its position clear: any discussion of restructuring should take place, as discussions respecting the pension always have, at the multi-lateral employee group table, which meets next on May 31, 2011."

At the May 31 meeting the administration made clear its intention to take proposals for pension changes to each individual employee group bargaining table. Already, proposals have been tabled with CUPE and QUSA.

The attached joint-bulletin states the general position of the employee groups. QUFA is preparing a new Bargaining Alert for circulation to our members which will provide more detailed analysis of the changes to the pension plan which the Administration wants to ram through at our bargaining table.

Please contact John Holmes, Chair, QUFA Working Group on Pensions, or Allan Manson, QUFA's Chief Negotiator, if you have any questions or concerns about the joint-bulletin.