Petition re the Future of NSCAD University

Posted on behalf of Alvin Comiter, president of FUNSCAD.

To Our Friends at NUCAUT:

As you may know, Howard Windsor, a former Policy Analyst with Labour and Advanced Education for the province of Nova Scotia, has been appointed by the Minister of Advanced Education to examine the future of NSCAD University. We're told that everything is on the table, including mergers and "program reorganization" (whatever that might mean). The report is likely to be made public sometime this week and things are not looking good.

Can you help us? A group of faculty, staff, students, alumni, members of the arts community, NSCAD supporters, etc have started a Friends of NSCAD Facebook page and a petition on We have over 7,000 signatures on the petition and we're aiming for 10,000. Can you forward this email to all of your members and ask them to take a minute to sign:

Thanks for your support.

In Solidarity,


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