2023 QUFA Spring General Meeting and Executive Committee Elections

2023 Spring General Meeting

The Spring General Meeting (SGM) is scheduled for 27 April 2023 from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. We are the running the meeting as a live event using an Internet meeting platform Zoom.

All QUFA Members are asked to RSVP their intention to attend the SGM by 26 April 2023 to QUFA Office Administrator Elizabeth Polnicky

Association Members who RSVP “yes” by 26 April 2023 will be registered to vote in the elections for Executive positions and will receive a Simply Voting Ballot by email in advance of the meeting.

To clarify, if you pay dues to QUFA, you are a member of the Bargaining Unit and have the right to vote on collective agreement matters. You may also elect to join the Association, at no additional cost, and participate in its governance by voting in elections, on proposed budgets and on other governance matters. If you haven’t joined but would like to, complete a Membership Form here.

  • Notice of Spring General Meeting
  • Spring General Meeting Draft Agenda package

Election of QUFA Executive Committee Members

All candidates for open Executive positions are asked to submit their nominations and statements of interest to Leslie Jermyn and Elizabeth Hanson by 19 April 2023 at 12.00 p.m. 

Please refer to the following documents for further information on the election and appointment cycle of Executive officers

The Executive Positions up for election, acclamation or appointment this round are:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Past President (Appointed)
  • Political Action Communication Committee Chair
  • Grievance Chair
  • Term Adjunct Representative
  • Member at Large (1 position according to the QUFA Constitution)
  • Council of Representatives Chair + Alternate Chair (Elected by Council)
  • Library & Archive Representative (Named by QULA)

Candidates Standing for Election

The Nominations Committee is pleased to report the following regular nominations to the Executive Committee. To view each Candidates’ statement, please click on name.

    • President 
      Nominee(s) to date:
    • Vice President (two-year term)
      Nominee(s) to date:
    • Grievance Chair (one-year term)
      Nominee(s) to date:
    • Chair of the Political Action Communication Committee (PACC)
      Nominee(s) to date: 
    • Term Adjunct Representative
      Nominee(s) to date:
    • Member-at-Large (two-year term)
      Nominee(s) to date: 
    • CAUT Defense Fund Trustee and Proxy
      • Trustee: Valerie Bartlett (Business)
      • CAUT Defense Fund Proxy: Valerie Bartlett (Business)
  • Certified Results 
  •                                                                                                                              ELECTED:
  • • President: Mary (Cella) Olmstead
  • • Vice President: Karen Rudie
  • • Grievance Chair: Lynne Hanson
  • • Chair of the Political Action Communication Committee (PACC): Rebecca Hall
  • • Chair of QUFA Council: Les MacKenzie, elected at April 2023 QUFA Council meeting
  • • Alternate Chair of QUFA Council: Alan Ableson, elected at April 2023 QUFA Council meeting
  • • Term Adjunct Representative: Ayca Tomac
  • • Member-at-Large (two-year term): Brad Weinberg
  •                                                                                                               APPOINTED:
  • • Past President: Jordan Morelli
  • We would like to thank all the candidates who participated in this election. Their willingness to serve is much appreciated.
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