Travel Information for QUFA Volunteers & QUFA Staff

Revised June 2021 to reflect new CAUT per diem rates and staff changes

Permission for QUFA Sponsorship in Attending Conferences or Meetings

MOTION: Moved that the President (in consultation with the Treasurer) and the Executive Officers (when necessary) make decisions about selecting volunteer delegates to attend conferences and events that are aligned with QUFA’s mandate. These decisions shall be guided by the principles of alignment with the QUFA mandate and limiting expenses (money and staff time) at all times. C. Christie; M. Jones Carried

Approved by the Executive Committee May 2011

QUFA delegates are expected to submit a brief written report to the President and the QUFA Executive Director after each event.

QUFA Administrative Processes for Travel

Advanced Approval for Travel

Your travel on behalf of QUFA must be authorized in advance with the signature of an Executive Officer or the Executive Director. To fulfill QUFA’s obligations to our auditor, please fill out an advance travel form and forward it to Elizabeth Polnicky, our Administrative Assistant. The Advance Approval Form is attached.

  • The Advance Notice of Travel and Preliminary Budget Form can be found in here

Car Rental

Rental cars should be used when they provide the most economical form of transportation. In many cases one-day vehicle rental is more economical than public transportation or use of your own private automobile. This especially holds true where more than one individual is attending the same event. Use of your personal vehicle may become a personal liability issue in the event of an accident. Please contact Elizabeth for information about car rentals.

Please see Potential Expenses list below for rationale of different means of travel if car rental is not an option.

Claiming Travel Expenses from QUFA

The fundamental principle underlying these guidelines is that people should not be out of pocket for necessary expenses incurred while on QUFA business, providing such expenses are reasonable. QUFA will not be responsible for undue charges. A list of Potential Expenses is found below.

The Travel Claim Form can be found here

QUFA will pay for return transportation (including airport transfers, taxi, or public transit fares, parking), hotel accommodation, and necessary meals following the current CAUT Per Diem Rates listed below.

In most cases, meal receipts are not required for QUFA purposes while attending conferences or workshops. QUFA does require receipts for accommodation and travel (eg., air, train, taxi).

All receipts should be attached to a list of all claimable expenses, with a date and your signature, and submitted to Elizabeth.

Payment of expenses is contingent upon full attendance at the authorized meeting, submission of receipts where required, and authorization by the Treasurer or delegate for reimbursement of the expenses incurred.

Potential Expenses


Book economy fares; business class is to be used only if you are travelling over the evening meal time. If there is a VIA RAIL sale when you are booking, please take advantage of the promotional rates.


Please consult with Elizabeth about using a rental car because it is cheaper than the use of your own vehicle. If you must use your own car, mileage will be reimbursed at the current CAUT rate of $0.58/km.


Parking may be claimed where necessary. Please save receipts when available.


Use public transit when efficient and safe to do so. Taxi charges are allowable where necessary.


Follow the CAUT per diem rates: Breakfast $23.60, Lunch $23.90, Dinner $58.60, Sundry $17.30 = Potential Total per day $123.40. Meals are sometimes provided at conferences and workshops, so claim only the meals you had to buy.


When possible, reserve early using the lower conference rates arranged by CAUT, OCUFA, and others for their events. Receipts are required.


The following items will not be reimbursed: hotel services such as movies, mini-bars, laundry, etc.; pet care, personal entertainment and refreshments.

Travel Paid by OCUFA

For workshops and meetings sponsored by OCUFA, travel arrangements need to be made through their travel agent and the agent, in turn, will bill OCUFA directly.

For accommodation at OCUFA events, please make arrangements through Lisa Alexis (; the hotel will invoice OCUFA directly.

For other expenses incurred, i.e., mileage, parking, calculations will be based on the rate at which OCUFA reimburses. Check with Lisa for the current mileage rate. Send receipts to Lisa Alexis along with a completed OCUFA Expense Claim form for reimbursement.

OCUFA expenses are not paid by QUFA except for some OCUFA sponsored events which require pre-approval by QUFA.

Travel Paid by CAUT

i. CAUT Council

CAUT pays for one Delegate’s travel (car/VIA/flight) for each affiliated local per CAUT Council meeting. The travel claim form is part of the Council package and can also be found on the CAUT website. There are two Council meetings per year, one in November and one in April. Normally QUFA’s delegate is the President or Vice-President. The Executive Director normally attends the two CAUT Council meetings as the Alternate Delegate. To receive reimbursement for all other expenses incurred to attend, type up an expense claim form on plain paper and submit to the QUFA office. See Travel Expenses

Paid by QUFA above for current rates

ii. CAUT Committees

If you have been elected to a CAUT Committee, all your meeting-related expenses will be paid by CAUT according to their policies. Expense claim forms are provided on their website, at the committee meeting or in the agenda package.

iii. CAUT Workshops or Conferences

With pre-approval QUFA pays expenses for your attendance at CAUT Workshops or Conferences unless you are an organizer. If you are an organizer you are likely a member of a CAUT Committee in which case CAUT will cover your expenses.

  • The Advance Notice of Travel and Preliminary Budget Form can be found in here
  • The Travel Claim Form can be found here