2022 QUFA Executive Election Results

We are pleased to announce the results of the Elections for the QUFA Executive Committee

• Vice President: Mary C. Olmstead (Psychology)
• Treasurer: Valerie Bartlett (Smith School of Business)
• Secretary: Chantal Brunette (Dan School of Music)
• Chair of the Grievance Committee: Constance Adamson (Library)
• Joint Chair of the Committee to Administer the Collective Agreement: James Stotz (Physics)
• Equity Representative: Carolyn Prouse (Geography and Planning)
• Continuing Adjunct Representative: Melissa Houghtaling (Gender Studies)
• PACC Chair: Robert G. May (English)
• Member-at-Large (1 year term): Brad R. Weinberg (Employment Relations Progam)
• Member-at-Large (2 year term): Gillian Akenson (Library)

To view the certified results of the 2022 QUFA Executive Elections click here

Elected candidates will begin their term July 1, 2022.