Announcements: Annual/Biennial Reports of Performance and Merit Assessments in 2021 for QUFA Members

Dear Members,

We know many of you are concerned about reporting on and being assessed for merit for 2020. Queen’s and QUFA have negotiated a variance to the biennial merit cycle that changes reporting requirements for some of you. It is a complicated matter where one must keep in mind the distinction between reporting on your performance for a year and having that year assessed for a merit score. Please see the attached Infosheet that lays out what will happen in 2021 and thereafter.

Please also recall that Queen’s and QUFA have agreed that assessment of your work during the pandemic will take into consideration the challenges you faced. If you are reporting on 2020 next February, please be very explicit about how remote working, changes to child and eldercare, health concerns, suspension of many normal services and businesses, and other factors impacted your work.

Please also save the date to attend our Fall General Meeting on December 17 at 1pm where the order of the day will be: “Covid and Career Progress: What Should ‘Consideration’ Look Like”. RSVP to to receive the meeting link.



Leslie Jermyn
Executive Director
Queen’s University Faculty Association
Kingston, Ontario