Announcements: Annual/Biennial Reports and Faculty180

Dear Colleagues,

QUFA and the University administration have reached an agreement about the use of the software tool, Faculty180, for the use of filing biennial and annual reports in 2017.  Members may use the Faculty180 tool in lieu of the current forms on a strictly voluntary basis.  QUFA sought voluntary use because the experience of our Members who have used the tool varied considerably, with some finding it very convenient and others either more time consuming than the current forms or uncongenial to the types of work they engage in.

The Letter of Agreement between QUFA and the University stipulates two conditions:

1) In order to ensure that that Members feel truly free to choose the forms they prefer, no Unit Head who will be performing merit assessments may express a preference either for Faculty180 or for the existing forms.  (Thus, if you feel that you are being pressured, implicitly or explicitly, with respect to which form you should use, please contact QUFA immediately.)

2) Information submitted in electronic annual reports may not be aggregated or searched for the purposes of developing any kind of performance indicators with respect to Members, Units or the University.  In other words, Faculty180 is solely for the purpose of producing documents which must be read in their entirety, not the creation of any type of database about the work of faculty and librarian/archivists.

Message from QUFA-JCAA Co-Chair
Elizabeth Hanson
Department of English
Queen’s University