Announcements: Fund for Scholarly and Creative work and Professional Development (Adjuncts)

Dear Adjunct Faculty Members, 

Please read these instructions carefully and use the updated on-line form, noting that this is now a fillable PDF application. The link for the guidelines and the application, as well as COVID-19 updates are listed below.  

The Fund for Scholarly Research and Creative Work and Professional Development (Adjuncts) will be accepting applications as usual with a deadline of Monday, February 7, 2022 for the winter term. You are eligible to apply if you have an Adjunct appointment at Queen’s during the applicable term, and the Committee encourages you to do so.

Some examples of the very disparate and interesting requests that have been funded include attending conferences and workshops, travel for archival research, the development of artistic practice, and the support of new or ongoing research. (Please note that if application requests exceed funding, priority will be given to applications presenting at conferences over attending conferences.)  You will find a list of the most recent recipients at the bottom of the application web page as well as descriptions from some Adjunct faculty members about how they benefited from the Fund. We welcome others to add their stories.

Please use the current application form by clicking on the link below. Using an old form may cause the information you provide to be insufficient or inapt, and you stand the chance of being denied funding because the Committee cannot properly assess your application alongside the others. It is your responsibility to ensure your application is complete. Incomplete applications (missing pages or CV, budget form inadequately filled in, etc.) will not be considered. Please also pay attention to whether a stipend or research grant is the most sensible way for you request funding as the Committee will not second guess or change your choice. A stipend is paid and taxed like salary, whereas a grant is the reimbursement of actual expenses (list researched and anticipated dollar amounts in your proposed grant budget).

Note that we remain in the midst of unprecedented times in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. Information is changing frequently, particularly with respect to travel.  It is important to keep abreast of changes on the Queen’s University Safe Return to Campus website (below), which is subject to the limitations imparted by the Public Health advisories related to the coronavirus pandemic.

In addition, please note the following information as per the COVID-19 Emergency MOA re: Time Limits and Supports 2021-22:

Adjunct Scholarly Fund (Article 36.2): An Adjunct Member who has received an award but who is unable to complete their research, creative work or professional development as originally proposed may propose a new project (that falls within the criteria of funded activities) in writing to the subcommittee and/or may request an extension of the deadline, if required. Any unused funds are returned to the fund for distribution in a future round.

The Committee tries to meet within a few weeks of the deadline and decisions will be sent out from the Faculty Relations Office a few weeks after that meeting. Late applications are generally not accepted; they may be considered if there are extenuating circumstances beyond your control (for example, being hospitalized at the time). Not having known of or remembered the deadline, or not having received a reminder are not considered extenuating circumstances.

Please pass this information along to other Adjunct faculty members you know at Queen’s just in case their address has not yet been added to the email list.
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