Announcements: IMPORTANT INFORMATION for QUFA MEMBERS: Changes to Supplementary Medical Benefits Ratification Vote

Dear Members,

The Queen’s University Faculty Association and the University Administration have reached a tentative agreement for a modest set of proposed changes to the existing group supplementary medical benefits plan design.  The proposed changes are part of the tendering process for group benefits negotiated in the last round of collecting bargaining (2015). QUFA’s discussion with the Administration followed town hall meetings about the current benefits plan in 2016 and a survey of all Queen’s employees in 2017.  The changes are detailed in the tentative LOA between QUFA and the University available on the vote information website (

Important changes include:

  • Introduce new pay direct drug card
  • Modest improvements to vision benefits
  • $10 dispensing fee cap for prescriptions
  • New psychologist service benefit
  • Changes to physiotherapy benefits

QUFA representatives continue to work with the administration is setting the criteria for tendering the group benefits plan. Additional background information, including the results from the member survey and presentations at the Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 QUFA membership meetings are available on the benefit vote information website.


Please take a moment to review the Letter of Agreement here: []. If you have any questions, send them by replying to this email. We will post a Question and Answer page to the Benefits Ratification page of the website later today. Tomorrow (Tuesday), if you are eligible to vote on this matter, you will receive an email with the question below and information about how to cast your vote. The vote will remain open until Thursday, Sept 13 at 2pm. Results will be posted on the website when the vote has concluded.


Do you approve of the proposed changes to the group benefits plan as detailed in the proposed LOA dated September 7, 2018 and in accordance with Article 42.6.2 of the collective agreement?

When would the changes go into effect?

If QUFA members and the Administration both ratify the proposed changes, the revised plan design would become part of the Request For Proposals tendering process this fall.  The changes would go into effect at the end of the RFP process, on or about July 1, 2019.


Kayll Lake
Queen’s University Faculty Association (QUFA)