Announcements: Message from QUFA President re: Update on Return to Campus

Dear QUFA Member,

QUFA has been notified that the Town Hall meetings announced last week by the Principal, that were to have taken place on Monday 23 August for faculty and on Wednesday 25 August for staff, have been postponed until further direction is provided by the provincial government regarding the operation of post-secondary institutions. Apparently, the university administration expects to receive this direction in the coming week. The university has not communicated any information to QUFA or the broader university community about the implementation of their vaccination requirement policy beyond the announcement of the requirement on 12 August. This delay is rather frustrating, especially given that classes resume in just over two weeks whereas the recommended interval between receiving a first and a second dose of the vaccine is longer than this.

The university has published ventilation information for many classrooms on its website:; however, the details about how the reported values were arrived at is absent as is information about ventilation in many of the larger campus classrooms such as Chernoff Auditorium and Stirling Auditorium as well as common spaces such as the libraries. There is no indication when this information will be made available.

QUFA continues to call upon the university to provide us with a safe environment in which to work, and to provide timely information so that we can make informed decisions. If you have questions or concerns about the Return to Campus plans, including the vaccine and mask mandates, you are encouraged to raise them with your Unit Head/Dean. Specific health and safety concerns in your work area should be raised with the Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC). If you would like QUFA to be aware of any questions or concerns that you raise with the Administration or the JHSC’s, please copy them to QUFA Executive member Ayca Tomac ( who has volunteered to compile return to campus questions for us.


Jordan Morelli – President
Queen’s University Faculty Association