Announcements: OnQ Support

Dear Colleagues,

I write to those of you who have been Moodle users and who will be moving your courses to OnQ to remind you of and recommend the special support for the transition which ITS is providing this summer and which they developed in consultation with QUFA.  Details are provided on the CTL website here:

In particular, I want to recommend the one-on-one support that is available this summer.  OnQ is simpler and more intuitive than Moodle but it is still not completely transparent and sometimes uses language in maddeningly random ways.  I hit roadblocks in setting up my grade book and the communications functions and would have spent hours trying to guess what things meant or did.  But after forty-five minutes, at my convenience, with a really helpful summer student I was all set up, confident that things would work and that they were arranged in a manner that would make sense for my students. It was brilliantly efficient faculty support. ITS has done this right.

These student helpers are  only available for the summer because they will return to their studies in September and pressure on their time will no doubt increase as we get closer to the start of classes.  So I urge you to avail yourself of this service now and save yourself stress later.

Elizabeth Hanson
JCAA Co-Chair
Department of English
Queen’s University