Emails to Members: QUFA is Looking into Changes to Waste Collection on Campus

Dear Members,

As you know, there have been many changes to waste collection practices at Queen’s in recent months (see here for an announcement in the Gazette in July). QUFA wrote to the Principal to inquire about this in July (here). We received a response from Principal Woolf this past week (here). We are currently working with other campus organizations to bring you more information about this. In the meantime, and following Principal Woolf’s advice, we advise any members who face barriers in removing garbage and recycling from their offices to contact Physical Plant Services (x. 77301, so that arrangements can be made to have a custodian collect it. If you become aware of a health and safety concern on campus, please contact the Director of Environmental Health and Safety, Dan Langham (x. 74980, Feel free to carbon copy QUFA ( on any email communications.


Diane Beauchemin
President, QUFA