Bargaining Alerts: QUFA Making Progress with University (#3)

Dear QUFA Members,

Apologies for the late email. QUFA met the University again today (Friday, December 7); the day proved much more productive than the last meeting. The University responded to QUFA’s rejection of the University’s initial proposals with a considerably more promising package.

Their proposals included a monetary offset for increased contribution rates to UPP, which now would begin only at the inception of the new plan, a phased retirement plan, unreduced early retirement at 60 for the QPP; and more reasonable but still not adequate ATB increases for each year of a three-year agreement. These proposals indicate that the University has understood the necessity of offsetting some of the costs to Members of transition to the UPP, which will relieve the University of its solvency payment obligations and other costs associated with sponsoring a single-employer pension plan.

QUFA has insisted that other items remain on the table as part of the price of consent.  Chief among these is a dispute resolution mechanism for the resolution of bargaining impasse around monetary issues in future contract negotiations. We have indicated to the University how such a mechanism might be modified to meet their concerns. We have also maintained our proposal for an increase in the full-time-equivalency of Continuing Adjuncts who have been promoted to Associate Professor that would grant them a modest research component as part of their appointment.

QUFA also tabled today a set of Memoranda of Agreement (MOA) regarding a range of normative issues that QUFA and the University have been dealing with over the life of the Collective Agreement.  These MOAs will permit QUFA and the University to reach agreement in principle on changes to the Collective Agreement now, with the time-consuming editorial work coming later.

The parties will meet again on Monday.


Elizabeth Hanson & Rob Hickey
QUFA Chief Negotiators

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