Announcements: QUFA New Budget Model Report 2017

In response to growing Member concern about the workings and ramifications of the “New” or “Activity-Base” budget model introduced by former Provost Alan Harrison, QUFA commissioned Professor Emeritus John Holmes (Queen’s, Geography) to prepare a review and critique of how this kind of budgeting works in general and how it has been implemented at Queen’s. That report is now available on our website here.

The report is comprehensive and detailed, beginning with a review of this type of budgeting and its use in the post-secondary sector, moving through an analysis of how it has been implemented at Queen’s and ending with specific assessments of how it has worked in different faculties. Professor Holmes interviewed a number of Administrators, including both Provosts and Faculty Finance Officers, as well as Heads of units over a 12-month period. There is an Executive Summary, Table of Contents and Section Highlights to help you navigate the material.

We encourage you to engage with the report as it serves your needs and to send any feedback to Executive Director Leslie Jermyn ( If there is interest, we could also schedule a workshop/roundtable in the fall with Professor Holmes to discuss the issues raised by his report so let Leslie know if you would be interested in that.