Announcements: QUFA President’s Message RE: May 1 COVID Protocols

Dear Members,

We have heard from many of you that you are concerned about the change to Queen’s COVID protocols beginning May 1st. The shift to optional masking and distancing and no vaccination requirement is in line with Ontario public health recommendations.

QUFA relied heavily on the public health experts to support our decision not to grieve the introduction of masking and mandatory vaccination. We also relied upon public health directives when we fought for better ventilation.

If the situation changes, as Queen’s acknowledges that it may, and public health were to support the return to masking and proving vaccine compliance in order to be on campus, we would rely upon their expertise again to protect the health and safety of our Members.

QUFA is also monitoring the public health situation and may advocate for a break with public health advice should conditions warrant.

In the meantime, if you are concerned about the new protocols because you or a family member are in a high risk category, please contact Peggy Smith, QUFA’s Grievance Officer to discuss the possibility of making an accommodation request.


Jordan Morelli
QUFA President