Announcements: ScholarstrikeCanada statement

QUFA supports the “Scholar Strike” for racial justice and an end to anti-Black police violence and anti-Indigenous colonial violence which will take place on September 9-10 in Canada.

We encourage faculty, academic librarians, and other staff to organize their work in order to join, and permit students to join, the public digital teach-ins and other events being organized by #ScholarStrikeCanada against institutional and systemic forms of racist violence and discrimination. We ask the University administration, which has stated its commitment anti-racist action, to support faculty, librarians, and other staff, and not penalize those who must disrupt scheduled duties to participate in this action.

We support this action because we share with the organizers of #Scholarstrike and #ScholarstrikeCanada the belief that it is “of crucial importance for those of us in higher education to take a stand in solidarity with our students and the communities we serve [and] … affirm protestors, workers for social justice, and activists who are crucial parts of making our communities safer places.” The workshops, teach-ins and other activities associated with #ScholarstrikeCanada afford opportunities for all of us at Queen’s to engage in productive public conversation about police violence and racism, its history, and its legacies.

You can find information about ScholarstrikeCanada here:

Elizabeth Hanson
Department of English
Queen’s University
Queen’s University Faculty Association