Announcements: Significant Progress in QUFA-Queen’s Bargaining

Dear Members,
I am happy to report that the QUFA Bargaining Team and Queen’s Administration reached a tentative settlement on the terms of a new collective agreement in the early hours of Tuesday, July 29. Elizabeth Hanson, Chief Negotiator, and the members of the QUFA bargaining team (Constance Adamson, Rob Hickey, Mike White, Jordan Morelli, Eleanor Macdonald and staff member, Susan Fitzgibbon) worked diligently to ensure that the interests of all QUFA members were represented throughout negotiations.

However, one item remains outstanding, a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) on a process for dealing with the Queen’s Pension Plan. Because the QPP serves other employee groups, negotiation of this MOA involves other unions on campus. Negotiations on this matter have been ongoing and productive, and there is a meeting scheduled on August 13 for the purpose of concluding them. Once this MOA is in place, we will organize a member meeting to consider ratification of the new collective agreement and share details of changes with you. If there are any developments or changes to these plans in the interim, we will be in touch.

Thank you for your continued support over the summer,
Lynne Hanson
Queen’s University Faculty Association