Announcements: Solidarity Pickets for Ontario Teachers February 21

Dear QUFA Members,

Ontario’s four major teachers’ unions are all presently engaged in job action. This includes work-to-rule campaigns and rotating or province-wide strike actions.

In order to put pressure on the provincial government to return to the bargaining table, all four unions will engage in a province-wide strike this Friday, February 21. This will be the first time since 1997 that all four unions strike on the same day. The fundamental issues at the teachers’ bargaining tables are also our issues:  the quality of education in Ontario and the right to be fairly compensated for delivering it.

We encourage QUFA Members to support Ontario teachers on Friday by joining a picket line at a local school. If you are on campus, KCVI or Sydenham Public School are right there.  Let the teachers know you are from QUFA.  We have flags and QUFA buttons available in the QUFA Office that members can borrow for picket support.

Elizabeth Hanson
QUFA President