Announcements: Urgent: Emergency Rally this Thursday October 25, 6-7pm, Hands off Workers Rights

Brothers, Sisters, and Fellow Workers,

I’m reaching out to implore you to join us this Thursday, October 25th from 6-7pm at the Princess/MacDonnell Tim Hortons as we rally against Doug Ford’s repeal of Bill 148.

Today, Doug Ford has at last moved beyond rumours and informal statements. Legislation has been introduced (Called the “Make Ontario Open for Business Act”) to roll back many of the gains made by labour with Bill 148. This includes:

  •       Freezing the minimum wage at $14 for the next 3 years, allowing workers’ wages to shrink in value as the cost of living increases.
  • Eliminating Paid Personal Emergency Leave days, leaving only unpaid days which will be limited in what workers can use them for.
  • Eliminating Equal Pay for Equal Work provisions before many union workers have even had a chance to implement them and to reduce the gaps between temp, contract, and part-time workers and their permanent or full-time counterparts.
  • Removing the ban on Mandatory Doctor’s Notes
  •   And Allowing employers to once again use contact flipping as a weapon against union gains in the workplace.

Please Share this information widely and please invite fellow union members and community allies out to attend! It is important that we make it clear to the Ford government that no attack on workers will be taken in stride or met without resistance.


In Solidarity,
Lesley Jamieson

Kingston $15 and Fairness