Bargaining 2019

Detailed explanations of proposed changes to the pension plan can be found on the Pension Page

The current Collective Agreement expires April 30, 2019 and all features of that agreement continue in force until then. Based on our agreement with Queen’s in 2015 to explore alternatives to the Queen’s Pension Plan, QUFA and Queen’s bargained terms for a new Collective Agreement (2019-2022) and a new pension plan in late 2018. A full explanation of this is available through the webcast of the December Fall General Meeting (see Events tab below for link). These two agreements are available here:

A Summary of changes to the Collective Agreement and offsets bargained for pension conversion is available as Bargaining Alert #5. An explanation of the ratification vote process to occur February 9th to 15th is also available under the Bargaining Alerts Tab.

2019 QUFA Bargaining Team

Bargaining Team

Rob Hickey (Co Chief Negotiator)
Elizabeth Hanson (Co Chief Negotiator)
Paul Young (Pension)
Mike White (Library and JCAA)
Melissa Houghtaling (Cont. Adjunct & Council)
Leslie Jermyn (QUFA Staff)
Micheline Waring (QUFA Staff)

QUFA Job Action

During Bargaining, this site provides information about job action preparation.  It will be reactivated as needed.


Please see the pension page for FAQs on the pension conversion.

Options for Communicating with QUFA about Bargaining