General Meetings

Article 5 QUFA Constitution

i) There shall be at least two General Meetings of the Association each year: a fall meeting to be held in October, November or December and a spring meeting in March or April, each at the call of the Secretary. The Secretary shall call special General Meetings as directed by Council or Executive, or at a written request of 20 members in good standing of the Association, which includes a statement of the purpose of the meeting. The Secretary shall give written notice of meetings at least 14 days in advance;

ii) The General Meetings shall be chaired by the Chair of Council (or the Alternate Chair or other designate). The agenda for each General Meeting shall be prepared by the Secretary and shall include a President’s Report, a Treasurer’s Report, and where appropriate, reports by one or more of the Standing Committees;

iii) The Secretary shall circulate the written agenda for any scheduled General Meeting at least one week prior to the Meeting. The agenda shall include motions to be voted upon at the Meeting, including any motions submitted in a petition signed by at least five members in good standing of the Association, including the mover and seconder. Subject to the provisions of this Constitution regarding amendments, any motion not on the agenda shall be considered only with the consent of the Chair;

iv) Thirty-five (35) of the members of the Association in good standing shall constitute a quorum for all General Meetings of the Association. Once quorum has been achieved it will be assumed to continue throughout the meeting unless a count is requested by a member.