Medical Documents – Prognosis vs Diagnosis

As I wrote in January, short term illnesses such as flu or strep throat do not trigger the Sick Leave provision in the Collective Agreement; they are considered incidental illnesses. Sick Leave in the CA is an employer-paid short term disability (STD) leave that could lead to long term disability → Learn More

Officially Reducing your Academic Responsibilities

There are three methods of reducing your academic responsibilities in the Collective Agreement, whether by reduced teaching alone (Article 37) or by a customized reduction of job responsibilities (Articles 26 and 32). The purpose and implication for each is slightly different, so it is worthwhile exploring what makes most sense → Learn More

A new term and a new CA

Thanks to committed and productive bargaining over the spring and summer, we have a new Collective Agreement. You can find a link to the penultimate version of the CA on the Faculty Relations website directly or via It is currently being edited for accuracy by the parties (employer and → Learn More

Annual Performance Review, Article 28

Every year during the annual review exercise we are asked how to protest or question or explain an assessment. Some people believe that not returning the form, or not signing it even if returning it, is an act of protest. It might be, but it could also be acceptance of → Learn More

Who Ya Gonna Call?

The job of QUFA member services staff is never dull. We are used to helping with the meat of the CA, but sometimes we must deal with issues that are on the fringes. Here are two examples. Students have various avenues for complaint that involve their professors. The most common → Learn More

Assessment and Evaluation of Teaching

There are many ways to assess and evaluate your teaching above and beyond the USAT. Last month I wrote about grade appeals, but before that you have to have taught the course! For some reason, most QUFA Members forget that there are various ways to assess teaching. Sure, there is → Learn More

Voice Your Concerns to QUFA

Welcome to the fall term! While bargaining may be the focus of many QUFA conversations over the next while, we continue to help members with their questions and concerns about all aspects of the Collective Agreement. For example, RTP committees are now getting down to the work of reviewing files, → Learn More

Governance within Academic Units

Good local governance is essential to good working relations over the long haul. Many complaints that reach QUFA are due to lack of well thought out and/or proper application of local policies and procedures. Academics are not born administrators, yet they are charged with the responsibility of collegial governance without → Learn More

Workload Standards

QUFA Members often contact us about workload and work assignment. As you know, QUFA has been surveying Members about their workload to get a sense of the current issues. We hear that workload has increased, so it will be interesting to see whether the results of the survey support this → Learn More

Continuing and Distance Studies (CDS)

It seems an increasing number of QUFA Members are teaching courses through CDS. A number of you have contacted me with very legitimate questions and concerns, and so I thought it high time everyone were brought into the discussion, beginning with some facts about CDS. CDS as a name is → Learn More