QUFA Council Chair

Job Description – 2011

From the QUFA Constitution

Article 8.9 The Chair

The QUFA Council shall elect a Chair and an Alternate Chair at the April meeting using the procedure described in the By-laws: A. ii)(b)

  • The term of office for a Chair shall be two years, commencing July 1 of the year of election. Re-election is allowed
  • It shall be the responsibility of the Chair to call meetings of Council to prepare Council agendas in consultation with the President, and to circulate agendas to Council members prior to meetings, to serve as a member of the Executive Committee, and to Chair the General Meeting of the Association. The elected Alternate Chair will serve as the Chair of Council in the absence of the Chair. In the absence of the elected Chair and Alternate Chair, a designate will be appointed by the Chair or the President
  • The Chair shall cast a vote only in the case of a tie

Article 8: Council of Representatives

Article 8.4 Duties and Powers

ix) Directing the convening of special meetings of the Association, as required, in accordance with this Constitution

8.7 Meetings

i) A Council meeting shall be called at least once a month from September to May and at the request of any five members of Council
ii) The agenda shall normally be the responsibility of the Chair, in conjunction with the President, but any item requested by a member of Council or a petition of five members of the Association shall be placed on the agenda of the next meeting of Council and shall normally be voted upon at that meeting

8.8 Notice of Meetings

i) Written notice of regular meetings shall be sent to Council members at least one week in advance. The proposed agenda, including any notices of motion, shall be sent to Council members by the Chair of Council at least five working days in advance
ii) Written notice of special meetings, along with the proposed agenda and any notices of motion, shall be sent to Council at least 24 hours in advance

8.11 Quorum

A quorum for meetings shall be thirteen members of Council or their duly appointed alternates. Once quorum has been achieved it will be assumed to continue throughout the meeting unless a count is requested by a member

8.12 Voting

Voting shall be by a show of hands unless otherwise specified by the Constitution or By-laws, or as requested by five members present in respect of voting on a particular issue. Unless otherwise specified by the Constitution or By-laws, and excepting matters of procedure, resolutions shall be adopted by a majority of votes cast. An abstention is not considered to be vote cast

8.13 New Business

Items of new business shall be ruled upon by the Chair who shall be guided by the principle that matters of substance which normally require notice should be postponed until the next meeting, unless urgency requires otherwise. The decision of the Chair may be challenged and overruled. Approval of a motion to overrule requires a vote of two-thirds of the members present and voting

Article 5 General Meetings

The General Meetings shall be chaired by the Chair of Council (or the Alternate Chair or other designate). The agenda for each General Meeting shall be prepared by the Secretary and shall include a President’s Report, a Treasurer’s Report, and where appropriate, reports by one or more of the Standing Committees

Thirty-five (35) members of the Association in good standing shall constitute a quorum for all General Meetings of the Association. Once quorum has been achieved it will be assumed to continue throughout the meeting unless a count is requested by a member

From Experience

  • Collaborate with the Administrative Officer who schedules meetings in consultation with the Chair of Council and the President and who puts together the agenda with their input. The Administrative Officer also circulates agendas to members
  • Learn Kerr & King’s Rules of Order, which are quite different in some regards from more commonly used rules
  • Familiarize her/himself with the structures and officers of QUFA and remain aware of ongoing issues and events in order to facilitate Council meetings that are organized, informative and professional
  • Attend planning and practice sessions for general meetings
  • Act as a conduit between Council and Executive
  • Participate in providing information, editing or approving communication to QUFA Members and the public
  • Motions that are brought to Executive or Council should include
    a) the timeline for action and reporting and
    b) a description of that will be done by whom (QUFA volunteers and staff)


Regular Duties that are completed every month

First Week

  • Meet with QUFA staff and Vice President 1- hour (before the Executive Meeting)
  • QUFA Executive meeting – chair – 2 hour meeting

Second Week

  • QUFA Council Meeting Agenda Package – work with the President and the Administrative Officer to develop an agenda for the Council meeting that is held in the third week of every month September-May
  • Council Chair, President and Secretary check the minutes from the previous Council meeting. Agenda package goes out one week before the meeting

Third Week

  • Chair QUFA Council meetings. It is helpful to set the chairs up in a horseshoe pattern (rather than straight rows) to facilitate discussion and interaction between Council members
  • After the meeting – prepare a brief report describing the Council meeting to distribute to the QUFA Executive within a day or two of the Council meeting IF there is something urgent to communicate. Otherwise the written report should be submitted to the Administrative Officer to include in the Executive Agenda Package the following week.

Fourth Week

  • Submit a brief written report about the QUFA Council meeting to the Administrative Officer for the Executive Agenda Package

Monthly breakdown


  • Host New Council Member Orientation. Administrative staff prepares handbook for new members. Previous PowerPoint presentation to accompany the handbook are available


  • Planning Meeting for Fall General Meeting. Attend a “dry” run prior to the meeting
  • Check that the Agenda and Rules of Order have been included in the meeting materials
  • Chair the Fall General Meeting in the second or third week of December


  • Planning Meeting for the Spring General Meeting. Attend a “dry” run of the agenda and speakers prior to the meeting
  • Check that the Agenda and Rules of Order have been included in the meeting materials
  • Chair the Spring General Meeting


  • Attend one day retreat for incoming and outgoing Executive and QUFA staff

Term of Office

Two years starting Jul 1 and ending June 30

Contact Information

When the QUFA Council Chair is away from direct contact via phone and email communications, the QUFA Administrative Officer should be informed of the dates and notified when contact will be resumed.

QUFA recognizes that because of volunteer’s academic duties and personal responsibilities, individuals cannot guarantee to be available for all meetings cited in the job descriptions.