QUFA Grievance Committee Chair

Job Description – May 2011

From the QUFA Constitution


The Chair of each Standing Committee shall prepare a brief written report to be included in the (Executive) agenda package that is distributed by the Administrative Officer one week prior to the regularly scheduled monthly meeting;

ii) The Grievance Chair shall be responsible for regularly informing the Executive Committee about the work of the Grievance Committee and the financial implication of that work. The Grievance Chair shall also assist the Executive Committee in developing and implementing policy and undertaking activities necessary to the Association’s grievance work on behalf of members of the bargaining unit;

Article 5

  • The General Meetings shall be chaired by the Chair of Council (or the Alternate Chair or other designate). The agenda for each General Meeting shall be prepared by the Secretary and shall include a President’s Report, a Treasurer’s Report, and where appropriate, reports by one or more of the Standing Committees

Other Duties (from Experience)

  • The Chair should show patience and empathy, but with the ability to make “tough” decisions
  • Chair Grievance Committee meetings (Regular and Special Meetings)
  • Assist in the preparation of the agenda for the Grievance Committee meetings in consultation with QUFA staff
  • With the assistance of the Grievance Committee, review the minutes prepared by QUFA staff. In the event of the absence of QUFA staff, take minutes, and submit these to the QUFA office within one week of the meeting for eventual distribution at the next meeting
  • Assist QUFA staff in the preparation of motions that are to go before the Executive and the wording of letters to go to Queen’s Administration
  • Consult the QUFA staff with follow-up items arising from the Grievance Committee meetings, and relevant items from the Executive meetings related to Grievance matters
  • Attend Executive meetings, workshops, Step Two hearings, General meetings, conventions and other meetings as appropriate, and as recommended by QUFA staff and Executive
  • Keep QUFA staff (through the QUFA Member Services Officer – Grievance and /or QUFA Administrative Office) and QUFA President apprised of the scheduling and content of meetings with Senior Administration or Faculty Relations staff, if unaccompanied by a QUFA staff member. It is preferable to have a QUFA staff person present at those meetings
  • The incumbent should be present throughout the year because of the nature of Grievance matters which often arise outside of regular academic terms; in the event of a sabbatical term away, another Chair should be nominated by the committee to carry the duties

Regular lines of communications for the QUFA JCAA Co-Chair include:

  • QUFA Staff (through the QUFA Member Services Officer-Labour Relations and/or QUFA Administrative Officer
  • QUFA Executive (normally via the President/delegate)
  • Participate in providing information, editing or approving communication to QUFA Members and the public

**Please note – Motions that are brought to Executive or Council should include
a) the timeline for action and reporting and
b) a description of that will be done by whom (QUFA volunteers and staff)


Regular Duties that are completed every month

First Week

  • Attend Executive meeting and bring pertinent matters or recommendations discussed at the Grievance Committee to the Executive Committee, either in the form of a motion, or by way of non-disclosing information

Second Week

  • Chair the regularly scheduled Grievance Committee Meetings
  • Discuss with QUFA staff matters that should be acted upon prior to the next meeting

Fourth Week

  • Prepare a Written Report for QUFA Executive to be submitted to the QUFA Administrative Officer. Agenda Package goes out one week before the Executive Meeting


  • Communicate regularly with QUFA staff with respect to actions that emanate from Grievance Committee meetings or meetings with Administration or their representatives

December and April

  • Prepare a written report for the General meetings to be submitted to the Administrative Officer two weeks before the scheduled meeting, in consultation with QUFA staff, who will assist with the gathering of statistics, etc. Agenda Package goes out one week before the meeting.

Term of Office

Two years starting Jul 1 and ending June 30, unless otherwise constrained by other duties or if re-elected to serve a second term.

Your work is Service to the University following Article 7.6.4.

Contact Information

When the Grievance Committee Chair is away from direct contact via phone and email communications, the QUFA Administrative Officer should be informed of the dates and notified when contact will be resumed.

QUFA recognizes that because of volunteer’s academic duties and personal responsibilities, individuals cannot guarantee to be available for all meetings cited in the job descriptions.