QUFA Health & Safety Officer

Approved by QUFA Executive December2014

Approved by QUFA Council January 2015

The Executive committee approved the creation of a new position: the QUFA Health & Safety Officer (HSO) to be filled by early 2015 if possible. The following terms of reference for the position were approved in principle with the understanding that they may change once the position is filled.


  • The HSO will be appointed by the Executive Committee. Nominations and volunteers for the position will be solicited at Council and from the membership (Voices, email), and the final appointment will be announced to Council and be listed on the website.
  • The HSO will be a Member of the Association in good standing.
  • This position will be accompanied by one unit of release (time, stipend or research funds) per academic year and time served counts as service to QUFA and thus to the University.
  • The term is for 3 years and is renewable.
  • The HSO may not simultaneously occupy other elected positions on the Executive Committee but may sit on other QUFA committees or be a unit Representative to Council.


  • The HSO has voice but no vote at Executive Committee meetings and will attend monthly meetings to report to the Executive. The HSO may attend Council with voice but no vote.
  • The HSO will commit to being certified according to the Ministry of Labour’s standards for Joint Health & Safety Committee members. Expenses associated with this training will be borne by QUFA.
  • The HSO will work to ensure that QUFA has representatives on all Joint Health & Safety Committees to which we are entitled membership. The HSO will apprise QUFA JHS Representatives of relevant concerns and information and solicit activity reports from them as appropriate. The HSO may also be a JHS Committee member in unit to which they belong.
  • The HSO will gather and disseminate (Voices, website, Digest, other) information related to the health and safety of QUFA Members.
  • The HSO will prepare an annual written report to be submitted to Executive and Council in May at the latest.