QUFA Treasurer

Job Description – May 2011

From the QUFA Constitution

9.4 Officers

i) The officers of the Executive Committee shall be the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Past President. Officers must be members of the Association and members of one of the bargaining units;
ii) The President, Vice-President, and Past President shall not serve as Council representatives of electoral units;
iii) All officers shall be ex officio members of Council;

9.5 Duties of the Officers


  • Shall be responsible for overseeing the finances and accounts of the Association
  • Shall oversee the financial position of the Association
  • Shall be responsible for rendering such an account to the Executive Committee or the Council whenever required
  • Shall oversee the preparation and reporting for the Association’s annual audit
  • Shall chair the Finance Committee and prepare an annual update to the Association’s Financial Plan
  • Shall report to the membership at each general meeting

Article 8: Council of Representatives

8.1 Composition

  • There shall be a Council of Representatives which shall consist of the Officers of the Association and representatives of the electoral units

Article 5 General Meetings

  • The General Meetings shall be chaired by the Chair of Council (or the Alternate Chair or other designate). The agenda for each General Meeting shall be prepared by the Secretary and shall include a President’s Report. A Treasurer’s Report, and where appropriate, reports by one or more of the Standing Committees;


Regular Duties that are completed every month

  • Attend QUFA Executive meeting (first week of the month)
  • Attend Council Meeting (third week of the month)
  • Approval of monthly expenditures and payments
  • President will consult the Treasurer (and Executive Officers when necessary) to approve expenditures for travel and food and other business of the organization
  • When required, consider and mane investments
  • When required, advise President and Executive on financial matters of the Association
  • Participate in providing information, editing or approving communications to QUFA Members and the public
  • Please note – Motions that are brought to Executive or Council should include
    a) The timeline for action and reporting and
    b) Description of what will be done by whom (QUFA volunteers and staff)

Monthly breakdown


  • Attend the Annual Trustees’’ Meeting of the CAUT Defense Fund

November to December

  • Prepare interim financial report
  • Prepare report
  • Seek approval for auditor


  • Prepare a written report for the Fall General Meeting to be submitted to the QUFA Administrative Officer two weeks before the meeting. The agenda package goes out to Members one week before the meeting.
  • Third week – Planning Meeting for the Fall General Meeting and the Fall General Meeting itself

February to April

  • Prepare year-end financial report
  • Develop financial plan
  • Develop a new budget for the next fiscal year
  • Present financial report and new budget for acceptance


  • Prepare a written report for the Spring General Meeting to be submitted to the QUFA Administrative Officer two weeks before the meeting. The Agenda Package goes out to Members one week before the meeting
  • Last week – Planning Meeting for the Spring General Meeting (dry-run) and the Spring General Meeting itself


  • Staff Relations Committee meets for job review of QUFA staff

Term of Office:

Two years starting Jul 1 and ending June 30

Release Time:

One release stipend (ONE 0.5 course) is 130 hours service to QUFA per year. Any additional work completed can be considered Service to the University following Article 7.6.4. of the Collective Agreement

Contact Information:

When the QUFA Treasurer is away from direct contact via phone and email communications, the QUFA Administrative Officer should be informed of the dates and notified when contact will be resumed.

QUFA recognizes that because of volunteer’s academic duties and personal responsibilities, individuals cannot guarantee to be available for all meetings cited in the job descriptions.