A new term and a new CA

Thanks to committed and productive bargaining over the spring and summer, we have a new Collective Agreement. You can find a link to the penultimate version of the CA on the Faculty Relations website directly or via www.qufa.ca. It is currently being edited for accuracy by the parties (employer and union). Some provisions have changed slightly to include past practice or to clarify and others add a new dimension entirely. Member complaint and comment were very helpful in pushing for and crafting many of these changes.

One example is to include the notion of reasonable apprehension of bias in the CA itself, a procedural fairness notion that has always been part of it legally but is now made explicit. Its being made explicit as a right that already exists is like the inclusion of the right of persons with disabilities to be accommodated in the workplace, an addition to the CA in 2008. Inclusion in the CA means that everyone has a fair chance of knowing about these rights.

Other provisions add a new dimension, such as that allowing Continuing Adjuncts to increase their FTE incrementally as it becomes apparent that their work is needed more than when they were originally appointed (Article 32.5.7). Another makes explicit that work done as part of one’s job responsibilities is work that deserves to and must be taken into account in Performance Review (Cross-appointments, Article A big change is the incorporation of CDS/Online teaching in Appendix S.

It will be interesting to see how all the changes play out and we will be depending on you to contact us with your questions and concerns.

In the background is the new budget model. As Lynne Hanson, QUFA President, points out, its implementation is especially problematic for QUFA in instances where it compels violations of the letter and spirit of the CA. Please contact us if you have examples where this seems to be the case.

The purpose of the Grievance Corner is to make you aware of processes, issues, trends, and anything else that might be helpful or interesting. To that end, please feel free to send in topic ideas and feedback. You will find archived Corners and other grievance information on the QUFA website. .

Ramneek Pooni