Annual Performance Review, Article 28

Every year during the annual review exercise we are asked how to protest or question or explain an assessment. Some people believe that not returning the form, or not signing it even if returning it, is an act of protest. It might be, but it could also be acceptance of what was written, or just forgetting to sign or return the form. It carries no easily discernible meaning.

Signing the form does not constitute agreement with the assessment (Art. 28.3.5). If you disagree with or wish to explain aspects of the assessment, to put this on the record you must write out your comments and submit them with the form (Art. 28.3.5 and Art. 28.5.6). If you can do so in the space provided, fine, otherwise make sure you indicate on the signature page how many pages of comments you have appended. If your comments become unattached at any point, evidence of their existence as an appendix and its length remain on the assessment form. Unit heads are advised to give meaningful time to Members to review the assessment before requiring the signed form be returned. Remember that this process has a bearing on long-term salary and career trajectory.

Continuing Adjuncts are given the same form as Tenured and Tenure-Track faculty and so have space to indicate what they have done in teaching, service, and research. We recommend you fill out each part that is relevant for you even if you have not been hired to do work in that area. It creates a record to show what you have accomplished and what you are capable of. There is also the possibility that you could get merit points for the additional work done (Art.

Ramneek Pooni