Electronic RTP/Continuing Process, Great West Benefits

In this Grievance Corner I am asking you for feedback on two important topics: the new electronic RTP and Continuing processes, and Great West Life benefit claims.

This year the University launched an electronic process for the review of Renewal, Tenure, Promotion, and Continuing applications of faculty, librarians, and archivists. QUFA found out about the launch too late to defer the process to next year so that adequate consultation could be conducted first. We need to hear from you about how the process seems to be working. Please send your feedback directly to me (poonir@queensu.ca) and I will compile a list of pros and cons for the Joint Committee to Administer the Agreement (JCAA).

We hear mixed stories about Great West Life. Their record on reimbursing prescription drug costs does not seem to elicit comment, but other situations do. One example: two claims for orthotics by two different people, same foot care clinic, same doctor, same tests and actions taken, same cost, but one claim was reimbursed at $470 and the other at $612. Another example: other university insurance plans cover registered massage therapy and psychotherapy, recognized rehabilitative and preventive therapies, but Queen’s GWL plan does not. Please send me your stories. It is the only way we can know if Great West Life is providing adequate service to our Members.

Ramneek Pooni can be reached at poonir@queensu.ca.

This Grievance Corner was taken from the November, 2013 edition of QUFA Voices.