Queen’s-QUFA Conflict Resolution Services

At the last round of bargaining, QUFA and Queen’s administration agreed that it would be beneficial to everyone if we could find a conflict resolution service that would provide dispute resolution between Members. After a protracted and thorough tendering process, Queen’s-QUFA Conflict Resolution Services (Q-Q CRS) began taking on cases in October 2013. We are happy to welcome Meaghan Welfare as the Director of Conflict Engagement.

Meaghan is the principal provider of Q-Q CRS. She has a degree in criminology and criminal justice with a minor in law, a graduate certificate in dispute resolution from York University and a certificate in family mediation from University of Waterloo. Her aim is to increase employee satisfaction and organizational effectiveness by helping to embrace workplace conflict rather than avoid it.

Meaghan’s experience and knowledge stems from many years of working in the field of conflict management in the workplace, community, family and criminal justice system. Since 2003, she has delivered hundreds of workshops and trainings across the country to thousands of people and divers organizations. She has experience working with many government departments as well as non-profit organizations and public companies.

Queen’s-QUFA Conflict Resolution Services is voluntary, confidential, and free. Services offered are mediation, conflict coaching, group processes, and training (more information is available in the brochure on the QUFA website). People can meet with Meaghan to discuss their situation and the process without making a commitment to participate in the process. She is happy to provide information about the services offered and can be contacted via telephone (613.453.5728) or at mwelfare@cogeco.ca.

Any Member of QUFA can use this service and there is no requirement to inform either the Association or Queen’s Administration. In this regard, it functions like the Employee Assistance Plan. If you want to make use of it, just contact Meaghan directly.

Conflict with colleagues in the workplace can be troubling and time-consuming. Don’t hesitate to make use of this service if you want advice or more hands-on help to deal with it.

This Grievance Corner was taken from the January, 2014 edition of QUFA Voices.