Voice Your Concerns to QUFA

Welcome to the fall term!

While bargaining may be the focus of many QUFA conversations over the next while, we continue to help members with their questions and concerns about all aspects of the Collective Agreement. For example, RTP committees are now getting down to the work of reviewing files, and every year we get questions about how to interpret some provision or whether the process is on track. People still go on leave so want to know how such requests are made. On-line and blended courses are a big source of concern these days. Questions about academic freedom and intellectual property always seem to come up at some point during the year. Please get in touch with your questions sooner rather than later as it is usually easier to avert problems than to remedy them.

Grievance work makes up a large chunk of what your union does for you. The purpose of the Grievance Corner is to make you aware of processes, issues, trends, and anything else that might be helpful or interesting. To that end, please feel free to send in topic ideas and feedback. Remember that the grievance process is a confidential one, so that the content of the Corner will have to be limited in order to take that into account. You will find archived Corners and other grievance information on the QUFA website

Ramneek Pooni 

This Grievance Corner was taken from the September, 2014 edition of QUFA Voices.