What is a Grievance?

Welcome to the first Grievance Corner. Grievance work makes up a large chunk of what your union does for you. The purpose of the Grievance Corner is to make you aware of processes, issues, trends, and anything else that might be helpful or interesting. To that end, please feel free to send in topic ideas and feedback. Remember that the grievance process is a confidential one, so that the content of the Corner will have to be limited in order to take that into account.

We have also created a new Grievance area on the QUFA website which we invite you to visit. So far we have posted just a few items:

  • a general overview of QUFA complaint and grievance processes
  • a more detailed description of what actually happens in the formal grievance process than what you can glean from reading Article 19 of the collective agreement
  • and, finally, a protocol on carriage and confidentiality that explains in writing the expectations of the Grievance Committee regarding carriage and confidentiality should members wish QUFA’s help in resolving issues with the administration

More information and documents will be posted over time, so watch for them.

Ramneek Pooni can be reached at poonir@queensu.ca

This Grievance Corner was taken from the September, 2011 edition of QUFA Voices.