Policy for Step 2 Grievances

Approved by QUFA Council September 2010
Amended and approved by QUFA Executive February 2014
Amended and approved by QUFA Council March 2014

The exercise of our right to proceed to arbitration is normally reserved for the most serious of cases because of cost, limited nature of remedies and uncertainty of outcome. The following represent the kinds of cases that require serious consideration of the use of that right.

Primary Importance:
1. Job threatening decision.

Items 2-5 are of Equal Weight:
2. Serious violations of non-discrimination provisions.
3. Major violations of academic freedom.
4. Policy interpretations of the CA that significantly threaten the integrity of the Collective Agreement.
5. Excessively punitive action against Member(s).

6. Abuse of management rights.
7. Any other University action that in the circumstances is deemed to require QUFA assistance.

The Executive Committee decides whether to move a grievance to Step 2, Arbitration, on the basis of recommendations from the Grievance Committee or the Committee to Manage the Collective Agreement.
At least one Member of the Executive will attend arbitration proceedings to represent QUFA’s interests