General Pension Information

QUFA and Queen’s, along with the administrations and faculty associations of Guelph and the University of Toronto, and the United Steelworker Staff at all three universities, have designed a new, jointly sponsored pension plan called the University Pension Plan. The Plan is scheduled to begin operations on July 1 2021. QUFA supports joining this plan and negotiated the terms of conversion with Queen’s in late 2018. Those terms, both offsets for changing pensions and terms of a new Collective Agreement (2019-2022), are available to you for review on our Bargaining Page.

In February 2019, QUFA Members voted to accept the terms of the new Collective Agreement (2019-2022) and to convert the Queen’s Pension Plan to the University Pension Plan. The work to build the plan and populate Sponsor and Trustee Boards continues. We will update you as milestones are passed via the Voices newsletter, announcements and presentations at member meetings in the coming months.

As part of the conversion negotiations, Queen’s agreed to offer QUFA Members access to a Voluntary Phased Retirement Program, the terms of which are now finalized (see the accordion tab below for more information).

There is more information about the new pension plan on this page and on the website for the new pension plan: Please take a moment to register on that site to receive updates.

If you’re unfamiliar with pension parlance, you may find the QUFA Pension Terms and Acronyms Document and the UPP Glossary of Pension Terms.

See here for archived pension information.

QUESTIONS? Click here to write to the QUFA office.