Protocol: Handling of Grievance Inquiries by QUFA Council of Representatives

Approved by QUFA Council November 2010
URL updated October 2013
Approved by QUFA Executive Committee March 2021
Approved by QUFA Council March 2021

1. When a Member raises an issue or a problem with their Council Representative, it will not always immediately present itself as a “grievance.” Because minor problems can turn out to be grievable issues, it is prudent for Council Representatives to refer matters of concern to QUFA staff. It is important that Council Representatives treat Member concerns as confidential.

2. Because the Collective Agreement is bilateral, Council Representatives are not in a position to provide an authoritative interpretation of the terms of the Agreement. QUFA and Queen’s Administration may have discussed a vague or ambiguous provision and may have arrived at a mutually agreed upon interpretation that has not yet been incorporated into the wording of the Collective Agreement. Council Representatives should refer their colleagues to the Grievance-related documents on the QUFA website and to QUFA staff for clarification about the meaning or scope of the provisions of the Collective Agreement.

3. Members must contact QUFA personally if they wish further assistance. It is up to the Member and not the Council Representative, QUFA staff, or anyone else to make the decision about whether the Member pursues a matter with QUFA’s assistance. The Council Representative who brought the matter to the attention of QUFA staff will not be informed of the Member’s decisions or actions.