Academic Freedom Lectures: Illness and Disability: Know Your right, Protect Your Future Workshop

A Workshop with James Cameron, Jessica Greenwood and Wassim Garzouzi of Raven Law

Annual Lecture 2019

All QUFA Members Welcome!

Join us on April 16 for a workshop to explore what happens when we are ill or disabled. We’ll consider important issues like:

Your Rights and Obligations if Partially Disabled:

  • What do you have to do to be “accommodated” at work? What is “undue hardship”?

Short Term Disability:

  • What medical documentation is required? How is it handled?
  • When can the Employer or Insurer ask for an Independent Medical Examination?
  • How long does STD last and how do I return to work?

Long Term Disability: 

  • What are the tests to be met?  How do you meet the tests?
  • What will you get paid?
  • How do off-sets work and what is the impact on the LTD benefit?
  • What happens if you are denied LTD?  Should you appeal or sue?
  • What is the difference between “own” and “any” occupation?
  • What kind of job security do you have? Can you be terminated if unable to work?

Income Insurance:

  • Do you have enough coverage?
  • Do you have the right kind of coverage?

Please RSVP to Elizabeth Polnicky, by April 10th if you plan to attend the workshop.

The Workshop will be followed by a Quaff with QUFA Reception at 3:30-4:30. All QUFA members welcome even if you can’t attend the workshop.