QUFA Digest Emails: February, 2014

1. “Computers & Classrooms: Perspectives on Online Learning” Community
Conversation: 26 February, Watson 517
Join us for a discussion about online and blended learning. This event brings
together experts, users, supporters and critics of online learning to figure out what it
is, what it means and how to do it right. All Welcome!
See the “Events” page of the website for more details.

2. QUFA Tuition Support Benefit Deadline: The deadline for applications this term is
28 February 2014. Application forms and more information are here.

3. Protocol on Student Harassment is now finalized: QUFA and Faculty Relations have
designed a protocol for Members and a response plan for Unit Heads in the case
that a QUFA Member experiences harassment from students. See here for more

4. QUFA Nominations Committee is looking for volunteers. If you’re interested in
serving on any QUFA committees, please contact Vice President Lynne Hanson or
Executive Director Leslie Jermyn. A full list of committees is here.

5. Scientists for the Right to Know: A group of concerned citizens and academics has
formed a collective to advocate for the free conduct, communication, publication
and archiving of research, and to resist the muzzling of scientists and of science. The
group is based at the University of Toronto but welcomes all members. See here for
more information.

6. OCUFA Teaching and Academic Librarianship Awards Nominations now open:
Nomination forms and more information are here. The deadline is 23 May, 2014.

7. QUFA Meetings: QUFA Council on February 13.

If you have ideas for future QUFA Digests, please contact me.

Leslie Jermyn
Executive Director
x. 33033