QUFA Digest Emails: January 2016

1. Budget Review Task Force: QUFA has struck a task force to investigate the theory and practice of activity-based budgeting in the university sector and here at Queen’s. QUFA President, Lynne Hanson, is heading up the task force. We will be consulting QUFA members in the near future but if you have something to share with the task force or would like to join, please contact Lynne.

2. QUFA Executive Committee Nominations are Open! The following Executive Committee positions are open for election in 2016: Treasurer, Secretary, Grievance Chair, JCAA Co-Chair, Equity Representative, Continuing Adjunct Representative, one Member at Large and QULA Representative (elected by QULA). If you would like to stand for election for any of the first 7 or know of a QUFA Member who would be interested in serving, please email Kayll Lake, Chair of the Nominations Committee.

3. Important Deadlines in February: Please note that the deadline to apply for Childcare Support and for the Adjunct Fund for Scholarly Research and Creative Work and Professional Development is February 1. The deadline for the Tuition Support Benefit is February 28. Late or incomplete applications are not accepted so please do not leave these to the last minute.

4. QUFA Distinguished Service Award: If you know of a QUFA Member whose work for the Association and its members should be celebrated, please contact Executive Director, Leslie Jermyn, for a nomination package.

5. OCUFA 2016 Conference – Confronting Precarious Work: will be held in Toronto on February 11-12. The conference will examine the realities and impact of precarious academic work on our universities and consider solutions now and for the future. More information here.

6. CAUT & Harry Crowe Foundation 2016 Conference – Academic Freedom in the Managed University: will be held in Toronto on February 26-27. The focus of the conference is the extension of managerial reach and how it threatens academic freedom.

7. QUFA Meetings: Next Council Meeting is 18 January. See here for all QUFA and related events.

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Leslie Jermyn
Executive Director
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