QUFA Digest Emails: January 2019

Dear QUFA Members,

As you may have heard, QUFA has negotiated terms for a new Collective Agreement (2019-2022) and for transitioning from the Queen’s Pension Plan (QPP) to the University Pension Plan (UPP) in 2021. The features of these tentative agreements were shared with members at the Fall General Meeting in December – you can watch a video recording of this presentation by choosing “Pension Meetings and Presentations” on the QUFA Pension page (link below) and selecting the link for December 12 Fall General Meeting. There is an electronic ratification vote planned to begin February 9, 2019.

Given the significance and complexity of these changes and the decisions members will need to make, we are planning a wide range of outreach activities including unit meetings, general member meetings and email alerts with pension and collective agreement details explained. Please take some time to review these materials or attend meetings so that you are well informed for the electronic ratification vote that will open on February 9th.

Some important dates and links are listed below for your convenience.

  1. University Pension Plan Website: Please follow this link to register on the UPP website for updates and to see an informative video about why Queen’s and QUFA have participated in creating the UPP.
  2. QUFA Pension Page: Please bookmark this page for QUFA-specific Pension Information. We will also be sending information bulletins by email.
  3. QUFA Events and Meetings:
January 21 (Mon) 3pm Grant Hall Pension Info Session for Late Career Members
January 24 (Thurs) 3-4:30 University Club Quaff with QUFA and Talk Pensions
January 29 (Tues) 3pm Grant Hall Pension Info Session for Mid Career Members
January 30 (Weds) 3pm Grant Hall Pension Info Session for Early Career Members
January 31 (Thurs) 3-4:30 University Club Quaff with QUFA and Talk Pensions
February 4 (Mon) 3pm Grant Hall Pension Info Session for All Members
February 7 (Thurs) 3-4:30 University Club Quaff with QUFA and Talk Pensions

A full list of QUFA events can be found here.

  1. Unit Visits: In addition to those events, we are also happy to visit individual units or faculties to discuss pension and Collective Agreement changes. To arrange for this or to see if a visit is planned for your unit, please contact ep43@queensu.ca.
  2. Ratification: Please note that you will have an opportunity to vote on the tentative Collective Agreement and, if you are still contributing to the QPP, you will also vote on the transition to the UPP, by way of an electronic ballot you will receive February 9th. The vote will remain open until February 15th so that you have ample time to respond. We will publish more specific information about this soon.
  3. Benefit Deadlines:

Happy New Year! The QUFA team wishes you the best in 2019.

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Leslie Jermyn
Executive Director
ext 33033