QUFA Digest Emails: July 2019

Dear Members,

A few matters have arisen that we want to bring to your attention.

  1. University Pension Plan Consent: The phase for non-union members of the Queen’s Pension Plan to consent and for retirees to object to moving to the UPP has ended. Sufficient consent was received from pension plan members and very few retirees objected so that Queen’s can proceed with plans to move to the UPP. Consent thresholds were also reached at the Universities of Toronto and Guelph. Queen’s, QUFA, USW and others on campus continue to work with our counterparts at Toronto and Guelph to create the University Pension Plan and its requisite structures. The goal to establish a stable pension for future generations is one step nearer!
  2. QUFA Pension Committee: The QUFA Executive has approved new terms of reference for our Pension Committee. We are looking for members who are knowledgeable about and/or interested in pensions and who are willing to help us navigate the transition to a sponsorship role with the UPP. Among our tasks in the next months is choosing our QUFA-nominated Trustee. If you are willing to join or return to this committee in the coming year, please contact Leslie Jermyn (Executive Director) by return email or Paul Young (youngpg@queensu.ca).
  3. QUFA Student Accommodations Working Group: We are hearing from members that managing ongoing and one-off student requests for accommodations of disabilities and illnesses is time consuming. For instructors on a limited term contract, there are time limit issues. Some kinds of accommodations also raise important questions about academic integrity. Executive members Anya Hageman (Economics, hagemana@econ.queensu.ca) and Shane Pinder (Physics, pinder@queensu.ca) are heading an informal working group to explore these issues across campus and consider ways that QUFA might help members better cope with these demands. Please contact either one of them if you would be willing to participate in this project.
  4. Benefit Cost Reduction: Good news for QUFA members! The premium rate for long term disability (LTD) coverage will decrease by 14% from 2.129% to 1.831% of monthly salary. This change will be reflected in the July payroll. The LTD benefit is fully paid by participating employees which means that LTD payments are tax free.
  5. QUFA Office Closures: The QUFA office is closed on Fridays throughout July and August. In addition, the QUFA office will be closed on August 26 and 29 for Staff and Executive Retreats.


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Leslie Jermyn
Executive Director
x. 33033