QUFA Digest Emails: November 2015

1. Happy 20th Anniversary! In November of 1995 QUFA was certified as a union and began to negotiate Collective Agreements and represent members in formal grievances. For 20 years, QUFA has grown and thrived because of the hard work of dozens of QUFA Volunteers – Members who have given their time and energy to defend the rights and interests of faculty, librarians and archivists. Thank you all for your continued hard work on behalf of your colleagues!

2. Workplace Stress Survey: This survey (sponsored by CAUT, OCUFA and OHCOW) is designed to measure physical and psychosocial stressors, with a focus on workload. Workload has been identified as a key issue for many faculty but its precise effects on health and wellbeing are hard to measure. Please participate in this survey to contribute to our understanding of this important issue.

3. Success! Campaign to Reinstate the Mandatory Long-form Census: QUFA participated in a campaign to reinstate the mandatory census by contacting all the Liberal MPs in this region to urge them to act on their Party’s promise to reinstate a mandatory census in 2016. We are pleased to announce that the Liberals have done just that.

4. OCUFA 2016 Conference – Confronting Precarious Work: will be held in Toronto next February 11-12. The conference will examine the realities and impact of precarious academic work on our universities and consider solutions now and for the future. More information here.

5. CAUT & Harry Crowe Foundation 2016 Conference – Academic Freedom in the Managed University: will be held in Toronto next February 26-27. The focus of the conference is the extension of managerial reach and how it threatens academic freedom.

6. QUFA Meetings: Next Council Meeting is 18 November. The QUFA Fall General Meeting is December 16 at 1:15pm (Ellis Hall Auditorium). See here for all QUFA and related events.

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Executive Director
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