QUFA Digest Emails: November 2017

  1. QUFA Event: Fair Copyright: Paul Jones from the Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT) will join us on Friday, December 1 at 2pm at the University Club to tell us what is happening with the current review of the Canadian Copyright Act and what it means for Queen’s Librarians and Faculty. Please watch for details by email and on our Events page (qufa.ca/events/).
  1. QUFA Supports St. Lawrence College Faculty: College faculty commenced strike action on October 16 over job security and academic freedom issues. For more information about the strike, see OPSEU website.
  1. Queen’s Principalship Review: If you received an email from the University Secretariat inviting you to provide feedback to the Principalship Review Committee, please take a moment to do so. There is more information about the Committee, its mandate and other ways to share your thoughts here.
  1. Beall’s List of Predatory Journals and Publishers: Jeffrey Beall’s invaluable resource has been resuscitated (after disappearing for a time) by an anonymous postdoctoral fellow in Europe and can be found here: http://beallslist.weebly.com/. There is a brief article about this issue in October’s Voices, and we hope to bring you a more in-depth consideration of this issue in the coming months.
  1. Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT) Term Adjunct Survey: This is the first ever national survey of Term Adjunct Academic Staff and 1400 people have already participated. It will collect much needed data on the experiences of those who work without continuing contracts. The deadline has been extended to December 15th so if you’re a Term Adjunct at Queen’s, please take the time to complete the survey: https://caut.limequery.org/151696?lang=en.
  1. QUFA Meetings: The next Council meeting is November 16.The QUFA Fall General Meeting is December 14, 1:15pm, Ellis Hall Auditorium. See here for all QUFA and related events

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Leslie Jermyn
Executive Director
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