QUFA Digest Emails: November 2018

  1. QUFA Lunches and Learns in November: All Welcome! The next workplace L&L is “Having Difficult Conversations” on Nov. 16 and the next financial planning L&L is “Reaping Harvest: Late Career Financial Planning” on Nov. 27 (both 12-1pm, University Club). More information here: https://www.qufa.ca/events/. As a light lunch is provided, please RSVP to ep43@queensu.ca.
  2. Queen’s Book Launch “The Future is Public”: Reclaiming public ownership and rethinking the ways in which public services are delivered, is a crucial part of building a more equitable and sustainable public services future. Two new books on the subject will be launched Nov. 13, 6-8pm, Robert Sutherland Hall. Please see here for more information: https://qufa.ca/event/the-future-is-public-book-launch/.
  3. QUFA & Queen’s Pension Information: Queen’s will be hosting a Town Hall for QUFA members to discuss the new University Pension Plan on November 30, 2-4pm, in Grant Hall. Please take a moment to sign up for updates about the plan here: http://www.universitypension.ca/. Watch your email for QUFA news and events on this important topic in the coming weeks and plan to attend the Fall General Meeting (see below).
  4. Health & Safety E-Course: Nanomaterials: are used in an ever-increasing number of products such as computer hard drives, clothing, eyeglasses and cars, and are a quickly developing area of research and manufacturing. With these miniscule materials, come some potentially big health hazards for workers. A free e-course on how to identify and manage these materials in the workplace can be found here: https://www.ccohs.ca/products/courses/nanotechnology/
  5. QUFA Meetings: QUFA will hold its Fall General Meeting on December 12, beginning at 1:15pm, in Ellis Auditorium. Discussing transition to the UPP will be the order of the day. All faculty, librarians and archivists who are covered by the Queen’s-QUFA Collective Agreement are welcome to attend but only those who have signed a membership form will be able to participate in decision-making. Please find a membership form here and sign up before the meeting – it’s free and confidential: https://qufa.ca/member-services/membership-form/.
  6. See here for all QUFA and related events.

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Leslie Jermyn
Executive Director
ext 33033