QUFA Digest Emails: November 2019

  1. QUFA Lunch and Learn
    1.  Having Difficult Discussions: November 11, 2019 (12:15 pm – 1 pm) Join us for soup and conversation at the University Club. https://qufa.ca/event/lunch-and-learn-having-difficult-discussions/ RSVP to ep43@queensu.ca  by November 9.
    2. Effective Communication: December 3, 2019(12:15 pm -1 pm) Join us for soup and conversation at the University Club. https://qufa.ca/event/lunch-and-learn-effective-communication/  RSVP to ep43@queensu.ca by November 28, 2019.
  2. QUFA Council Meeting: November 14, 2019 (3 pm – 5 pm) MacDonald Hall 2. Provost Harris will attend Council to address the topic of the new provincial government requirement to tie up to 60% of university funding to measurable outcomes. Open to all Members. https://qufa.ca/event/qufa-council-of-representatives-3/
  3. QUFA Fall General Meeting: December 19, 2019 (1:15 pm – 3 pm) Ellis Hall Auditorium. Save the date.  https://qufa.ca/event/qufa-fall-general-meeting/
  4. Queen’s Mandatory Ethics Training: December 2, 2019. Following consultation with the University and QUFA through the Joint Committee on the Administration of the Collective Agreement (JCAA) for the Queen’s-QUFA Collective Agreement, the Office of Research Ethics Compliance will be implementing mandatory research ethics training for all research team members, including faculty, librarians and archivists. https://qufa.ca/announcements/1-month-notification-mandatory-ethics-training/

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Leslie Jermyn
Executive Director
x. 33033