QUFA Digest Emails: October 2015

1. QUFA Tuition Support: The deadline for submitting an application for QUFA Tuition Support is November 1, 2015. There have been changes to Tuition Support and it is now payable to the student. More information and the application form may be found on the Queen’s Human Resources website.

2. QULA EVENT: Queen’s University Librarians and Archivists 50th Anniversary Event Please join us on October 8 (5-7pm) in the Sutherland Room of the John Deutsch University Centre to hear Queen’s Law Professor Wanjiru Njoya talk about “The Concept of Industrial Democracy: A Comparative Look at Worker Participation”. This event is free. Organizers have asked that you RSVP to http://goo.gl/forms/XZqr10zxkh if you plan to attend.

3. Federal Election 2015: QUFA has solicited responses from candidates in Kingston and surrounding areas to key questions about science policy, reinstatement of the long form census and support for free and fair collective bargaining. We will alert you when we post their responses on www.qufa.ca.

4. CAUT Supports World Day for Decent Work on October 7: To pledge your support for full and fairly compensated academic jobs and oppose casualization, please visit CAUT website.

5. CAUT EVENT: Fifth Forum for Aboriginal Academic Staff will be held in Winnipeg on November 6-7, 2015. The focus of the Forum will be on the impact of austerity measures on Indigenous Studies programs, what faculty associations can do to promote Indigenous knowledge and how to build inclusive academic cultures.

6. QUFA Meetings: Next Council Meeting is 21 October. See here for all QUFA and related events.

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