QUFA Voices: April, 2014

Dear QUFA Member:

Please find attached the April 2014 issue of QUFA Voices.

Highlights of this issue:

  • Three Big Concerns, by Diane Beauchemin
  • National Day of Mourning, by Leslie Jermyn
  • Governance Within Academic Units, by Ramneek Pooni
  • Registration Numbers Rise While Course Numbers Decline, by Susan Fitzgibbon

Please remember to attend the QUFA Spring General Meeting, which will be held on Wednesday 30 April 2014, from 1.15 p.m to 3.00 p.m., in the Auditorium, Ellis Hall. The Order of the Day will be a series of short presentations on the pension question, including a review of the existing Queen’s Pension Plan and the pros and cons of alternative plans like the Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology (CAAT) Plan or a sector-wide Jointly Sponsored Pension Plan (JSPP). For more information, please see the announcement on page 1 of QUFA Voices.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns about anything you read in QUFA Voices, please contact me (qufapres@queensu.ca).


Diane Beauchemin.
President, QUFA

Download April 2014 QUFA Voices here