This page lists cases that have been approved by the QUFA Executive to take to arbitration. Each entry is headed by the grievance issue, then the arbitrator’s name, and finally scheduled hearing dates and location if available.

Arbitration hearings take place in Kingston and are not closed, meaning anybody may attend. The official arbitration day normally begins around 10am, although each side will likely be on site and meeting early in the day to prepare. Sometimes a hearing day will be taken up partly or fully by mediation because it is always advisable for parties to litigation to narrow the points of contention, whether they be facts or arguments, and sometimes mediation can lead to settlement. Because mediation is not open to the public, it is advisable to bring along something to do if you plan to attend an arbitration hearing and the parties end up mediating for some or all of the time.

Arbitrator Kevin Burkett
2016: June 29 (cancelled), September 28, 29 (cancelled), October 6 (cancelled), December 20, 21  (cancelled) (Ambassador Hotel), September 14, 15(cancelled) (Courtyard Marriott), 28, 29 (cancelled) (Courtyard Marriott)
Decisions: October 5, 2016
2017: January 13 (Ambassador Hotel), October 6 (cancelled), November 15 (Ambassador Hotel)
Decisions: November 22, 2017
2018: September 19 (cancelled), December 14 (Ambassador Hotel)

Academic Freedom: Harassment
Arbitrator William Kaplan
Settled October 12, 2016

USAT process, Members’ role
Arbitrator Pamela Picher
2016: May 11; November 16, 17
Settled May 3, 2016

Disability Accommodation Process
Arbitrator Ian Anderson
2016: August 24 (cancelled), 25 (cancelled); October 25; December 8 (Ambassador Hotel)
Settled January 19, 2017

Tenure Denial
Settled on April 18, 2017

Disability Accommodation Process
Settled on April 27, 2017

Tenure Denial
Arbitrator Paula Knopf
2018: December 5
Settled December 5

Arbitrator Paula Knopf
2019 January 31, rescheduled to March 4

Arbitrator William Kaplan
2019: February 15

Merit & Human Rights
Arbitrator Wassim Garzouzi
2019: January 23 (cancelled)
Settled January 22