Request for Action: Repeal, Don’t Appeal Bill 124

Dear Members,

As a party involved in the Bill 124 Charter challenge, QUFA applauds the Ontario Superior Court of Justice’s decision to strike down this law that caps public sector employee wage increases.  
The Ontario government has now indicated that they intend to appeal the Court’s ruling. As QUFA Members, we should call on the provincial government to honour the Court’s decision and let the ruling stand to repeal this unconstitutional legislation.   
I encourage all Members to add their name to the growing list of voices demanding that the provincial government respect our rights to free and fair collective bargaining. Here are two immediate actions you can take: 

  • Share and sign on to the Ontario Federation of Labour’s letter-writing campaign urging the government not to appeal the Court’s decision: 
  • Send a letter directly to the government and your MPP. A template letter is included below for your reference.

Jordan Morelli 
President, QUFA 

Template Letter
Email subject: Repeal, Don’t Appeal Bill 124 
Attn: Doug Ford (Premier of Ontario); Jill Dunlop (Minister of Colleges and Universities); Monte McNaughton (Minister of Labour); Doug Downey (Attorney General); [Your MPP

Bill 124 has caused enough harm to our academic communities and members, especially racialized and precariously employed faculty and academic librarians. On behalf of the 1200 members at Queen’s University Faculty Association, I am calling on you to repeal Bill 124 rather than appeal the Ontario Court of Justice’s decision.   
The unconstitutional Bill 124 interfered with the rights of workers to free and fair collective bargaining, threatened pay equity and benefits for contract faculty and other marginalized workers, and threatened the foundations of Ontario’s vital public services—including public education.  
I urge this government to stop spending valuable money and resources on attacking public sector workers and to respect the Ontario Superior Court’s decision on Bill 124.  
[your name]  
[your email address]